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TBL Compact Profi

“A significant upgrade compared to my previous injector”

“As a contracting company, we have used multiple injectors, but the Compact Profi from TBL Techniek stands head and shoulders above the rest. Not only do they offer excellent service, but the quality of manure distribution is also unparalleled.

The robust construction of the injector ensures it has a long lifespan and requires minimal maintenance.

In short, we are very satisfied with the TBL Compact Profi and recommend it to anyone looking for a high-quality injector.”

Robert Reiff

Lohnunternehmen Reiff-Beaufort (Reiff-Beaufort Agricultural Contracting)

Jurgen Beltman


A combination of experience and quality

Basic Plus

The Basic Plus is a slurry injector with working widths from 6 to 9 metres, suitable for both self-propelled machines and trailed tankersThe design and features are derived from the Compact Profi. The Basic Plus uses the same injector elements but has a lighter frame construction.

Basic Plus

  • Working widths from 6 to 9 metres
  • Injector elements can swivel by 10 degrees
  • Choice of single or double discs
  • Balanced and stable due to a unique scissor-type frame
  • Section control
  • Transport width 2.98m
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Compact Profi

The TBL Compact Profi is specially designed for professionals in manure application who demand high-quality machines. With working widths from 9 to 15 metres, this slurry injector is suitable for use behind a self-propelled machine or a trailed tanker.

Compact Profi

  • Working widths from 9 to 15 metres
  • Choice of single or double discs
  • Lifting injector elements and section control
  • Simple and reliable
  • Transport width 2.98m
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Jurgen Beltman

TBL Basic Plus

“The injector does excellent work”

“We chose a TBL Basic Plus 9-metre injector last winter. When making such a choice, it often comes down to the little things that make the difference. For us, a positive point was the low weight (2700 kg). We also liked the elements. The hard bushes on the pivot points of the element and the simple bearing of the discs appealed to us. We believe automatic lubrication is essential. Bearings need to be lubricated during work, not in the evening when stationary. The stainless steel rod in the shut-off cylinders was also a reason for choosing TBL.

We have been using the injector for a few months now, and we made the right choice. The injector does excellent work because the elements track and follow ground contours accurately. The distribution of the slurry is super. We are very satisfied with our choice.”

Jurgen Beltman

Melkveebedrijf Beltman, Lievelde (Dairy Farm Beltman)


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