Compact Profi


"The injectors do excellent work. In 2021, we started with a Compact Profi 9-meter injector, and this year we bought a 12-meter one."

Bertil Wassink, Loonbedrijf Wassink, Brekkelenkamp (Wassink Agricultural Contracting)

High quality, reliable during the season

The TBL Compact Profi is specially designed for professionals in manure processing and offers working widths from 9 to 15 metres for use behind a self-propelled machines and trailed tankers. Thanks to the automatic lubrication system, high-quality components and hydraulic contour-following, the Compact Profi is a reliable and robust machine.

The injector combines precise slurry placement and high output in one machine, thanks to tracking, contour-following capabilities and section control. With the unique lifting elements and the choice between single or double discs, the TBL injector delivers a superb end result. Moreover, this machine represents an economically attractive solution with minimal maintenance costs, modest depreciation, and a long service life, resulting in the lowest cost per cubic metre.

Different working widths

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0 metre
0 metre
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Minimum nitrogen loss


Increased nutrient utilisation

Unique scissor-type frame

The unique scissor-type frame design with a central hinge point absorbs the forces applied to the injector. Also, when folding the injector, the wings are retracted simultaneously.

High quality, reliable during the season


Automatic lubrication as standard

The disc bearings are lubricated from the inside to keep water and dirt out.


High-quality components

Chosen for quality and ready availability.


Hydraulic contour-following

Thanks to the hydraulically-pressurised injector elements with contour-following, the pressure on each disc is exactly the same during work.

Section control and lifting elements

  • Adjustable working widths from 5.25 metres
  • No overlaps when injecting, superb end result
  • 10 sections with hydraulically liftable elements, controlled either automatically via RTK or operated manually

What makes the Compact Profi particularly special is that individual injector elements can be lifted when necessary. This ensures that disturbance to the grass is minimised.

Compact Profi

For self-propelled slurry applicators and trailed tankers

The injectors are suitable for both self-propelled machines and trailed tankers. Various hitch options are available to suit self-propelled machines and trailed tankers ensuring the Compact-Profi fits your machine!

Optionally available umbilical hose arm

The injector series – 9 metres or 9.75 metres – can also equipped with an umbilical hose arm.. This foldable arm can remain attached to the injector. This makes it easy to work with a self-propelled machine or tractor. Here too, there is a choice between concave discs and double-discs.


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